About Us

   Cheetah                        The Waterberg Living Museum is a unique Museum situated in the heart of the Waterberg of Limpopo South Africa.
The Museum is managed by the Clive Walker Foundation - Registered NPO 017-734. 


To positively affect society and the environment by exhibiting treasure of the natural world and of South Africa's heritage, by educating and inspiring visitors, by seeking and imparting knowledge of the biosphere and by caring for and ehabilitating animals in need, in a self sustaining manner.


To provide a unique, enriching educational experience to visitors of all ages, particularly the youth, by bringing together the past and the present through established and conserved living, organic and anthropomorphic collections.

To engage in biosphere monitoring and research and disseminating knowledge in a dynamic way, so as to stimulate a better understanding of the environment and mankind's impact on it.

To pursue animal care, rehabilitation and re-establishment, that directly and positively impacts on these creatures and society.

To seek and implement innovative ways to ensure the long term sustainability of the Living Museum.

The biosphere is the life zone of the Earth and includes all living organisms, including man, and all organic matter.

Vladimir Vernadsky who in 1929 coined the term biosphere.


Clive Walker has been synonymous with conservation & environmental education since the early 1970's and his legacy continues in the 'new' Living Museum.

The Clive Walker Foundation (NPO 017-734) is able to fund conservation & educational initiatives such as the Living Museum thanks to the financial support of corporate business and private individuals. Much funding will be needed if the Living Museum is to be developed and operated on par with the vision that has been foreseen.

To date, most of the funding that has gone into the present development of the Living Museum has been privately funded by the Walker family. They have also pledged the funding to establish the Main Centre. Much appreciated funding has come from Lapalala Wilderness for security fencing and associated items for the rhino facility. The efforts and contributions of the Volunteer Program remain tremendous helping factors and plans are in place to further expand the program. Further funding requirements have still to be achieved in order for the Living Museum to reach its ultimate goal of sustainable ongoing educational and environmental support.

Clive Walker Foundation