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A central  element of  the  Living  Museum's vision & mission  is  environmental education. There are some 300 000 people living in 45 000 households in 117 villages, just to the east of the Waterberg Mountains, within the Waterberg Biosphere, and many thousands more throughout. Many of the children within these communities have never seen a clean river let alone a rhino.

An average of 2 000 children from these communities passed through the Waterberg Museum on a yearly basis to experience the on-grounds Environmental Education program. The desire is to expand this program at the Living Museum and to spread the school base more evenly across the District.

The planned expanded Living Museum, including the variety of live exhibits, as well as the exhibits on archaeology, geology, etc. will further enhance the general and environmental learning experience. Working with educators, further enhancement of the Living Museum is planned, so as to compliment & provide practical application to the various applicable syllabi, from grade R through 12. The planned program would see over 7 000 children from the Waterberg District pass through the Living Museum each year.

With 30 years of environmental education experience we have found that any experience of this nature, trying to convey the environmental message, is multiplied ten fold by exposure to real living animals and exhibits. To this end we believe, by exposing children and adults alike, under controlled circumstances, to such an experience, will go along way in the enormous drive to educate the future caretakers of the Waterberg, that the wild animals and places of not only the Waterberg but our province and country are worthy  of care and protection.

A society with a basic understanding of biodiversity and ecological systems and an appreciation of their role in the quality of human life, is essential if natural areas are to be sustained. Ecological understanding and education offer material hope for addressing diverse and potentially devastating environmental and humanitarian problems.